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Since 1951, Erickson Engineering has served counties, cities, townships, state government, private companies and individuals throughout Minnesota and beyond… recently in WY, OH, and WI. We also provide design services to Wheeler for prefab bridges sold nation-wide.. From 2018 to the present, we’ve completed over 200 bridge replacement and rehabilitation projects. Our staff’s combined experience of over 200 years in bridge engineering and inspection enables us to draw upon a vast wealth of knowledge and experience to provide you with the best solutions for your needs.

We provide our clients with professional, high quality, timely, and cost-effective engineering services.

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Our Services

Erickson Engineering provides a range of engineering services related to bridges and transportation structures. We successfully accommodate the specific needs and concerns of our clients.

Bridge and Roadway Design

Erickson Engineering has designed hundreds of vehicle and recreation bridges in Minnesota and beyond. Our experience includes a wide range of structure types, sizes, and complexity. In recent years, our main emphasis has been on prestressed concrete beam, reinforced concrete slab, steel beam, prefabricated steel truss, timber slab, timber beam, and timber truss structure types. We also make recommendations and provide design services for rehabilitation […]

Bridge Inspection

We provide bridge inspection and load rating services in accordance with National Bridge Inspection Standards and local regulations for counties, cities, townships, and state government agencies. Our inspectors are fully trained in NHI Bridge Inspection concepts and procedures. Erickson Engineering also provides specialized bridge inspections at the request of public and private bridge owners, to determine structural integrity and monitor known or suspected deficiencies. These […]

Construction Inspection

Erickson Engineering’s qualified and experienced staff provides supervision and inspection of bridge construction projects. Our services include: Participation in pre-construction conferences Complete documentation of all quantities in accordance with MnDOT (or appropriate state) regulations Review and approval of falsework design and plans Shop drawing review and approval Inspection of materials in accordance with MnDOT (or appropriate state) regulations Enforcement of all construction activities as required […]

Project Development

Our licensed professional engineers and technical staff communicate effectively and in a timely manner with local, state, and federal agencies to ensure compliance with laws, regulations, and guidelines. We obtain all permits required by federal, state, and local agencies and assist with completion of grant applications and project development reports. Our work in project development includes but is not limited to: Preparation of project memorandums […]

Our work includes but is not limited to:


Erickson Engineering has completed over 200 bridge replacement and rehabilitation projects from 2015 to the present. We’ve provided engineering services including field surveys, hydraulic analyses, scour evaluations, federal report preparation, permits, geotechnical coordination, bridge design / plans, roadway design / plans, detailed construction estimates, special provisions, and construction inspection. Our extensive experience includes Continuous Concrete Slab spans (CCS), Continuous Steel Beams (CSB), Prestressed Concrete Beam (PCB), Treated Timber Spans (TTS), Concrete Box Culverts, and 3-sided Precast Bridge structures.

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